All about bursaries

If you've been accepted to study further but can't afford the fees, you should apply for a bursary. (Shutterstock)

This is for matriculants and their parents who need to know about the ins and outs about bursaries in South Africa,

Attention students: If you cannot afford to finance your own tertiary education even though you’ve been accepted into a program, there are many companies, NGOs and government organisations that are willing to help you out.

Sponsorships are awarded to deserving students by companies to fund their post-matric education. Bursaries are specifically aimed at students that possess great potential but are in need of financial aid.

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All bursaries are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, each bursary has a certain set of requirements and is only awarded to students that qualify. Each bursary also comes with a different set of terms and conditions.

There are bursaries that:

- Only cover a certain percentage of your fees,

- Covers each year dependent on your results

- And some that requires you ‘work back’ the amount when you're employed.

Often, a bursary will cover your tuition, accommodation, text books, pocket money, and sometimes even a guaranteed employment opportunity after graduation. 

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You can start looking for bursaries online by filtering your search based on the career or industry you’re interested in.

1. During the application process, avoid making these mistakes.

2. Don’t ask for more than you need. The judging panel will easily pick up when you’re exaggerating your foreseen expenses.

3. Lie about your economic situation. Only those with financial difficulties are considered for funding.

4. Submit your bursary after the closing date.

5. Leave out some information, leave certain questions or sections blank, and not providing sufficient information to convince them why you deserve the bursary.

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