5 popular pieces of advice no graduate should ever hear again

Not all advice is made equal (Shutterstock.com)

Some advice should be left untouched. We picked just a few phrases we think graduates should never be told.

The saying "The world is your oyster" couldn't be more significant in your life than during this time as a graduate. Now along with the endless opportunities that are at your disposal, you're probably also bombarded with endless advice – much of which is welcomed. But at the same time, some of this advice is pretty much mindless and perhaps even a total waste of your time.

We've collated 5 pieces of common advice that you should never have to hear again:

1. You can achieve everything if you want it bad enough

Wanting something really badly isn’t always good enough. Everyone has limitations to their abilities. You can’t control your competition either. Not winning a gold medal in the Olympics might not be because you didn’t want it enough or because you didn’t work hard enough. Sometimes someone else is just better at what you’re both doing. So you need to learn to recognise your limits, try your absolute best and you will be happy with your achievements.

2. Never give up

When working towards a goal you need to embrace your strengths, but also know your weaknesses. Overestimating yourself can get you into some bad water. Yes, it’s important to remain confident in whatever you do and not to give up when hit with a bumpy road. But it is also important to know when it’s time to leave the sinking ship. Recognise when something isn’t working before you go bankrupt.

3. If you work hard, success will follow

Hard work alone sometimes isn’t sufficient. Everyone has setbacks from time to time. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first reporting job on television because she wasn’t seen as fit for it. These famous people also failed a few times before they were successful. For some reason or another, things don’t always work out as you think they would. Not all factors to reach success are in your hands. Next to hard work the  company culture, various life and work circumstances, unforeseen events, your boss and even the people in your team, also play their role in how successful you become.

4. Follow your heart

Only following your heart might get you into trouble. Emotions can be very irrational and can lead you in the wrong direction. When making notable decisions it is important to put some logic and rationality into your train of thought. Reaching your goals needs some well-informed decision-making as much as the emotional motivation you might have.

5. Do what you love

No matter how much you love something, if the market doesn’t value what you are doing you won’t be able to make money off of it. If you want to follow your passion, it needs to sell. In every job there are aspects you’ll like less than the rest of the job. No job is perfect and thinking you can only do what you love will leave you disappointed It is better to find something you’re good at and find an equilibrium between your skills and your passion. A successful career in something you’re good at might allow you to bring your passion with you in the job or allow you to pursue your passion during your time off.

Of course not all advice is made equal. Careers24 has a plethora of career-related advice to help you on your path to success.