4 reasons why you almost got an interview, but didn't

Recruiters sometimes use software to pick out certain skills or keywords on applications (Shutterstock)

Have you sent your CV away, but still haven’t been called back for an interview? Follow these easy tips to get interview call backs and avoid disappointment.

There are a number of reasons your CV didn't make the shortlist. We explore some of them here, and advise ways to help your CV get noticed.

Too many candidates
In some cases, you were simply looking at a job that had too much competition. When the competition for a job is higher, your chances of getting called back for an interview is much lower. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a job with a large number of candidates. It simply means that you will have to find ways to stand out. 

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Not following directions
When applying for a job, you have to understand that you’re in their power. They have a lot of candidates to choose from, so if you don’t follow the directions for applying, even if you are the best candidate, you won't get called back for an interview and they would hire someone else simply because you failed to follow instructions. When trying to get job interviews, it's important that you follow instructions to the T or your application won't get seen by the right person.

Software shortlists candidates

In order to get through all the applications, recruiters sometimes use software to pick out certain skills or keywords on applications. If you applied to several positions, and didn't get interview call backs for any of the jobs, you might not have used the right keywords on your application. Next time you apply for a job, make sure you research the keywords that are associated with the vacancy and structure your CV accordingly. You'll be surprised how much you'll improve your chances of getting called back for an interview.

Your online presence paints a horrible picture

Hiring managers are looking for employees that will represent their company well. If your social media activity shows evidence of unprofessional behaviour, you can kiss your callback chances goodbye. You need to maintain a positive and wholesome persona by staying away from images and comments that put you in a negative light.

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