5 ways to explain job hopping on your CV (and still look good)

Use your cover letter to explain to employers that you've got a direction (Stocksnap.io)

Appearing to be a job hopper can put employers off, but with our advice you can make your spotty professional history work for you.

Your CV is the first thing potential employers look at, so you need to make a good impression right away. If you’ve changed jobs often then one red flag could be the number of jobs you’ve held over the years. If you’re in an industry where this is normal, then you’ll be fine. But if you’re looking at a new field, then you will have to explain your career choices. Here’s our advice to get it right, first time:

Explain Your Jumps

Use your cover letter to explain to employers that you've got a direction, that your career path is actually following a plan and that you’ve made each change as the result of considered thought. Show that you have good reasons for every career change you’ve made and how you have benefitted from each move.  

How to make job hopping work for you

Don't Apologise

You might be tempted to view your checkered past in a negative light, especially when faced by the scrutiny of an interviewer. But as you outline the good reasons for each of your career moves, you won't have anything to apologise for. Focus the employers’ attention on what you've gained from each of your positions, and illustrate how each offered valuable learning opportunities. In this way, you can show how your varied experience and expertise and wide range of skills will be an asset to the company. Just as it was to each of your previous positions.  

Detail your career history

Start with the most recent of your positions, and move backwards. Describe, succinctly, what you did, who you managed, what your responsibilities and methodologies were, and which types of projects you managed. Include company name, job title, date started and date finished and then give short, career enhancing reasons for why you left each position. Carefully consider how each role makes you a better candidate for the job at hand.

Keep your CV updated this year

Focus on experience

Employers want candidates who are good at what they do. Concentrate on your professional experience, highlighting your good points, and you’ll have no issues with the number of jobs you’ve held.

Good luck!