6 phrases all smart people know NEVER to add to their CVs

If you want to stick out from the crowd, it's best you leave these clichés off your CV.

Here are a few clichés you should never include on your CV. Ensure your CV has the IT factor needed to land an interview.

When compiling your CV, there are a few phrases you should avoid using at all costs. There are certain overused words that are essentially meaningless and annoy recruiters. Not only do these CV phrases make you seem generic, but they might also be the reason why you aren’t landing any interviews.

Not sure what to omit? Take a look at the list we’ve compiled for you.

“I work well within a team”

This isn’t an excellent quality. It is an expected quality. If you’re not a good team player, you won’t get hired. Try to include more unique characteristics that really will prove that you’re a one-of-a-kind asset.

Because every other CV also contains this, recruiters have come to assume that everyone lies. It is not possible that every job seeker is a well-rounded team player. And even if you really are an excellent team player, this is not the way to convince them of that. By saying the same thing, how is you CV going to stand out from the rest?

“I’m motivated”

Again, this isn’t an excellent quality. It is an expected quality. If you’re not highly motivated, you won’t get hired.

Because every other CV is bound to contain the same phrase, rather use an example from a previous job where you’ve excelled at finding innovative solutions to company problems or consistently and eagerly done more than was expected of you. If you’ve improved your HR system or made recommendations to improve sales for example, include it in your CV.

“My responsibilities include...”

Now in all honesty recruiters aren't concerned about your responsibilities - they can figure those out from your job title. If there are any exceptional duties that you feel most people in your position are not responsible for, you should include only them in your CV.

Be careful not to waffle on about each and every one of your tasks. Keep it simple by highlighting the best parts.

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“I have a proven track record”

This means nothing to recruiter unless you state examples. Using the phrase could be redundant and in effect, quite meaningless. As CBS points out: “It’s proven because it’s a track record and of course it’s successful, because why would you boast about failures?”

There’s nothing about it that describes you. Yeah, leave this particular phrase out and rather jump straight into the stats to prove your successful track record.

“I’m a fantastic communicator”

‘I have excellent communication skills” is another one that’s used by every job seeker. Firstly, as an adult, every employer hopes to hire literate candidates – there’s nothing fantastic about being able to communicate. Secondly, if you aren’t good at communicating it’ll show in your CV’s grammar, spelling and structure, regardless of whether or not you’ve claimed to be excellent.

And thirdly, it’d be a lot better if you’re able to prove that your communication skills are above average by providing reviews, awards, or a link to your personal blog. If you have none of these, just ensure that your CV’s language use is flawless and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

No recruiter has ever thought: “It doesn’t say ‘good communication skills’ anywhere… Mmmm... then they probably don’t have communication skills...'"

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“I thrive in fast-paced environments”
This is a great trait to have as many people buckle under pressure. What’s not great is simply writing this phrase on your CV without any supporting facts. If you’ve met an impossible deadline, and have juggled multiple tasks successfully, be sure to include those stories in your CV. 

Hazy phrases on your CV or cover letter are never a good idea if you want to get hired. Use terms and words that are specific and will sell you in the best possible light. You have one chance to impress, don’t waste it.

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