Fake degree holders to be named and shamed

Employers may have to refer employees to SAQA if the bill on fake degrees is passed (Shutterstock.com)

The Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande has proposed a new bill to name and shame fake degree holders.

In an aim to curb the proliferation of fake degrees, Blade Nzimande Minister of Higher Education has promoted a new bill which will name and shame people holding fake degrees in the country. A draft of The National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill will make it mandatory for employers to verify the qualifications of their staff.

Those who have lied on their CVs are often known for stating that they have completed a degree while they are still in the process of doing so. Others simply fabricate entire degrees and the institutions from which they ‘obtained them’.

If passed, the Bill will make it compulsory for all employers to refer all employees to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in order to validate and verify the qualifications.

According to News24, the draft states that “if after SAQA has verified that a qualification is invalid, it must enter the name of the holder into a register and publish it on its website. In addition, the bill suggests that a register of fake qualifications also be kept.

Further provisions to be included in the amended act include the following:

  • A separate register for professional designations
  • The formulation of evaluation criteria of foreign qualifications
  • The establishment of register of fraudulent qualifications
  • Education institutions, employers and courts of law to report fraudulent qualifications
  • For the establishment by SAQA of a register of misrepresented qualifications
  • For employers to be obliged to refer qualifications of employees to SAQA for validation and verification
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