CV tactics every accountant ought to know

A strategic CV will catch the attention of top accounting and auditing firms (Shutterstock)

Strategically showcasing your abilities starts with your CV. We show you how...

PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche, Grant Thornton, Ernest & Young and KPMG

What do all these companies have in common?

Well, besides the fact that they are the best contenders in the accounting and auditing business, they are also in search of the best employees, when on the candidate hunt.

To make it on their list of must-see candidates, your first point of entry, your CV, will need to strategically demonstrate your skills and experience. This is how to catch these top players' attention no matter your level of experience.

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Entry-level accountants: Junior Accountant, Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerks and Accounting Assistants

You’re more likely to have experience in a certain aspect of either financial reporting or the administration process. As such, your CV strategy will be to highlight the specific experience that you have obtained during your short stint in the accounting field. Don’t overlook your soft skills. Your abilities in customer service, vendor relations, data entry, technical troubleshooting, and records management, will all count in your favour.

Mid-level accounting professionals: Accounting Manager, Auditor, and Staff/Senior Accountant

Your CV will have to demonstrate you possess the necessary level of leadership ability. But more important to your CV strategy will be your hands-on work.

  • Did you effectively manage accounts payable and receivable duties?

  • When performing financial reporting and general ledger reconciliation duties, did you do so in a timely manner?

  • Did you maintain an accurate record and ensure quick and problem-free external duties?
  • If your CV showcases your ability to get on with the job and put together the nuts and bolts of accounting work, top employers will be delighted to have you onboard.

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    Upper-level accounting professionals: Chief Financial Officer and Controllers

    Your CV strategy will be to highlight the contributions you have made to the company as a whole.

  • Did you implement a new software system to advance internal reporting?

  • Were you responsible for performing cost analyses that saved the company significant amounts of money?
  • Don’t be afraid to flaunt your leadership skills, team building abilities, budget management expertise, post-graduate degrees, and certifications.

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