Are you applying for a new job? 5 articles you have to read now!

Tricks and hacks to help you find your dream job (

Finding the right job opportunities and standing out from the rest is tough. Fortunately there are plenty of tips at your disposal right on Careers24!

Looking to land a new job in 2017? Then get ready! If you play your cards right you could score a new gig before you know it. What’s even better, if you start immediately, you might avoid the New Year's Resolutioners” traffic.

Sound like a plan?

You’re in luck! We’ve scoured our website to bring you the best resources to help you land that coveted position.

1. Landing the perfect job won’t be easy. But keep these easy CV tips in mind, and minimise the chances of hiring managers adding to their recycling bins.

2. If you’ve been job hunting for a while with no results, perhaps it’s time you took a step back and considered what you’re doing wrong, or not doing at all.

3. Could it be that recruiters have discovered that you lied on your CV?

4. 4. Or are you guilty of jumping from one job to the next?

5. Whatever the case may be, perhaps you can redeem yourself by keeping hiring managers and employers glued to your cover letter.  

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