5 things you need to know about effectively improving your CV

Look up recent trends regarding how to improve your CV to find out what works best (Pexel.com)

You should aim to always improve your CV to ensure you're the best candidate for the job. Take a look at these helpful tips on how to improve your CV and get the job you want.

There’s no need to sit around and wait for a call-back for an interview or a job offer. Improving your chances in landing a job is an ongoing process. There are several things you can do to improve your CV and make sure you stand out from other candidates.

1. Volunteer work will instantly improve your CV
Even if you can’t find a position related to your career, common volunteer jobs provide training in skills needed for every job. For example, teaching jobs and childcare jobs builds supervisory skills. Volunteer experience on a CV shows that you are hard working and not motivated by personal gain. Employers want to see that in a candidate.

2. Take a class that will polish your skills
Courses online or at a community will improve your CV just as much as ones at a four year university. Proving that you are willing to continue your education also speaks volumes to an employer. It says you understand the importance of keeping your skills up-to-date and are willing to always learn new things. Udemy has a number of inexpensive and interesting short courses.

3. Research other CVs
What hiring managers look out for is constantly changing. Look up recent trends regarding how to improve your CV to find out what works best. Is it still acceptable to write “References Available Upon Request” at the bottom or should you attach a reference page? Sometimes getting your CV right means simply knowing which words to use. 

4. Interview employers
Call companies similar to ones you are applying for and ask the hiring manager if you can ask a few questions. They may be willing to answer them on the phone or want you to come in. Ask them the same questions a candidate would ask at the end of an interview such as to describe exactly what they look for in hiring for a position.

5. Do some friendly networking
Sometimes it's about who you know that could improve your chances of getting your CV noticed. Knowing someone in the same company is great - you can simply hand your CV to them to pass on to the right person. However, you should always remember to improve your CV as much as you can before doing so. Knowing someone in the company is great, but if you can't get your CV right, you won't be able to properly sell yourself and that only means one thing: you won't get the job.

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