No fuss fixes for when you're unhappy at work

A lot of people get to live their dream, but most of us have to work hard to get there (

Despite our best intentions, it is possible to end up at a job that sucks. It's not the end of the line though. Here's how you can make the most of the situation...

Are you waking up every morning with the thought: I’m not happy at work? Despite our best intentions, it is possible to end up at a job that sucks. Maybe your colleagues are annoying, maybe your boss is incompetent or maybe your intellectual potential just isn't being challenged enough.

Believe it or not, there are positives to being in this situation. So, instead of moping, focus on moving up and see this as an opportunity to:

Stop dreaming and start doing

The dream is to do something that fulfils you every day – a career that lives up to that 10-year-old-you fantasy. Doing what you love AND getting paid for it is the ultimate goal. A lot of people get to live their dream, but most of us have to work hard to get there.  

Unless you'd rather learn to make the most of what you already have?

Especially when we’re only starting out, we are more likely to accept job offers that will gain us experience rather than immediate satisfaction. You could kill time at home doing nothing while waiting for the perfect gig. Instead, you’re out there growing your portfolio. Not having what you want will make you fight harder for what you want.

Think outside your comfort zone

Dealing with things we don’t like is uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable appears to most of us as an obstacle. Dealing with this obstacle however, prepares you mentally to deal with future challenges. You’ll teach yourself how to navigate unpleasant situations when you’re still young, flexible and when the consequences are less dire. Being uncomfortable is where the magic brews.

Dealing with challenges may bring about an interest you never knew existed. If you’re faced with tasks that make you uncomfortable, you are forced to complete them regardless of how you feel. Sometimes you may encounter a task that evokes a passion you never knew you had. Or maybe you excel in a task and only now see it as a path you’d like to pursue. Detours are sometimes quite helpful.

Pursue the work you love

Here's how to fall in love with your job, all over again...

If your current position isn’t fulfilling, seek opportunities that enable you to engage in exercises you love. Even if it doesn’t pay financially now, the rewards are spiritually immediate, and will also manifest later in your career. So feeling stuck and miserable at your job, can force you to figure out what it is you love. You’ll get to know yourself a little better and make changes accordingly. The truth is, you know more about what you’re capable of after overcoming adversity. Embrace it and be sure to take notes every step of the way. 

If none of this seems reasonable, then maybe it's time to just move on. Browse our selection of exciting new opportunities and get set for a fresh start...