The 411 on online education and your career growth

A new set of skills could easily set you apart from the hundreds of other job applicants (Shutterstock)

An online course not only enables you to learn a new skill, but it also makes you an invaluable employee.

One of the greatest influences for the modern organisation today, is its ability to adapt to an evolving world of work. To be successful in this technology-driven world, this organisation relies on top talented individuals who are multi-skilled and who can deliver the best results.

Although the rise of online education has enabled for this skills demand to be met, many job seekers and professionals alike, are still unaware of the advantages available in improving their skills set.

If you’re one of them, we’ve compiled a resource of helpful tips so you can get the real scoop about online education and get the most from your next online course.

Tip 1: Learn about the importance of improving your skill set

No matter what stage in your career you’re in, acquiring a new skill can only help you. If you’re looking for a new job, a new set of skills could easily set you apart from the hundreds of other job applicants. If you’ve worked in the same position for five years, upskilling could provide you with the expertise you need to land a promotion.  Even if you’re an executive who’s happy with where you are, learning a new skill could give your team the motivation to see the value in constantly improving their skills – a win for growth and success of your company too.

Plus, with an increase in artificial intelligence machines threatening to replace certain job skills, and form a bigger part of our workforce by 2020, it makes sense for you to update your skills and secure your future.

Tip 2: Choose the best online institution

There are so many online institutions out there, and the onus is on you to do the research and find the right one for you and your career goals.

To get you started we have included two institutions you need to consider if you’re serious about acquiring skills that will be both applicable and relevant to your career:


Educate24 offers low-cost online courses, aimed at teaching you practical know-how that will come in handy, whether you want to study further, advance your career, or want to up-skill.  All courses are developed by South Africa’s top academics, industry experts, and leading institutions, and are accessible from your mobile device or PC.

These courses include but are not limited to Adult English, Practical Stress Management, Business Innovation, Manufacturing, Leadership principles and much more.


Udemy is an international online learning platform with one goal in mind: To help anyone learn anything. Tens of thousands of students have the opportunity to take courses in everything, from programming to yoga. It's 40 000+ courses are taught by expert instructors, and are available on-demand, meaning that you can learn any course at your own pace, at your own time and from anywhere. Want to share your expertise? Udemy gives aspiring instructors the chance to teach others what they know. 

Tip 3: Get your boss to pay

How to finance your studies shouldn’t be a problem, especially since your new skill will make you an invaluable employee. All bosses should do whatever it takes to invest in their employees’ growth.  Of course, a little research on your part will help in validating your case.