Insider secrets to win over your boss

Your boss won't promote someone that acts out after being reprimanded (

The relationship with your boss doesn’t have to be strained. Here are quick tips to make sure you two are always on the same page.

Are you one of those people twho struggle to get along with your boss? If you want to know the 'insider secrets' to making your boss love you, here’s some good news: Winning over your boss is really not as hard as you think. It’s also a great way to get ahead of the pack if a promotion is on the cards.

Here are a few simple tips you can use to develop a better working relationship with your boss.

Understand your role

Building a solid relationship with your boss requires you to understand what you are there for. Make sure you’re aware of your goals, priorities, and understand your boss's expectations.

An easy way to do this is to learn to prioritise your workload from most important to least.

Address your boss’s needs

It’s important to know that you were hired for a reason. Once understand this reason and your duties in that role, you can take some time to learn and better understand what your boss's needs are and where they're lacking. Figure out how you can address them, and then take initiative.

Listen carefully to your boss

If you’ve picked up that your boss always asks you about the same things at the same time, jump the gun by filling your boss in on the progress of your tasks first.

For example, “I know you might be worried about how we are handling the holiday event. I just wanted to let you know that we’ve planned X, Y and Z. What do you think?"

Be open to your boss's feedback

How you handle criticism can make or break your career. Your boss won't promote someone that acts out after being reprimanded. Whether you start crying after receiving a negative review, or whether you angrily start yelling obscenities, your boss will know you’re not a professional nor a mature employee - and you can say bye bye to any opportunity for a promotion.

Rather let your boss know you appreciate the feedback, offer a few solutions for your shortcomings and make realistic promises for improvement.

Think for yourself and exceed expectations

Try to solve issues by yourself whenever you can. Before you go to your boss with a question, see if you can find the answer yourself. This will help you look independent and be thought of as a problem-solver.

In addition to thinking for yourself, try and exceed expectations whenever possible. Give yourself realistic deadlines, and make sure you meet them. Take on extra work when you can as well. This is one of the best ways to get your boss to acknowledge your efforts – all boss's appreciate and like a hard worker.

Be careful to not get swallowed by your workload though; it’s important that you find a healthy work/life balance. Burning yourself out by taking on too much won’t work in your favour.

Impressing your boss is as easy as always doing your work, being reliable and being the best you can be. You can take further control of your career development with Careers24 Advice.