Seriously, you can make most of your current job

If your current position doesn’t offer any room for growth, approach your boss to discuss new opportunities (

There could be any number of reasons why you can't just leave your dull job and start afresh. Here are some ways to make the most of your current position.

Being in a job you don’t like can sometimes feel like being in a relationship with one guy but secretly wishing you were in a relationship with another. You might even hate your current position and have your heart set on the perfect job, but being happy at work means giving your best in your current position, and when the time is right, moving on to something better.

Make a decision

Seriously consider how you feel about your current job. If you’re ready to get up and leave everything behind (including your very own, top of the range personalized PC) then it’s high time you implemented some changes. Consider what you’d like to improve on. Is it salary? Is it flexibility? Is it status?

Deal breaker: Wanting a position that’s the perfect fit - they don’t exist. Instead, look for a position that’s closest to aligning your skills and your passion. Read: Discover your dream career

Prepare: Update your CV, practice typical interview questions and re-establish a relationship with the best job portals.

Upskill, upskill, upskill

If your current position doesn’t offer any room for growth, approach your boss to discuss new opportunities. Inform him about projects you’re most interested in and where your strengths really lie. Talk about how you can improve processes or lend your skills to the team.

Deal breaker: Holding back wishing your boss would approach you about new projects.

Prepare: A promotion won’t find you unless you work towards finding it. In many cases this means growing your skill set. A lack of skills can hold you back. Start learning the skills that will help you get to where you want to be.

Make the most of what you have

When you spend all of your time and energy on something that may not even exist, days will feel longer and you will get negative. Use the time you have to focus on what’s on the prize. Read: How to fall in love with your job again

Deal breaker: Believing you’re better off in another job, even when your current job is good.

Prepare: Consider all the best aspects of your job, and try to do more of that. Do you have amazing teammates? Maybe you can help to organise the staff party. Do you enjoy designing? Ask to join in on the next design planning meeting.

Manage your work-life balance

It’s easy to feel like you need change when you and your job are like an old married couple. Add some excitement to your day by meeting up with friends after work, hitting the gym or enjoying a leisurely dinner with a loved one. Sometimes all it can take to find a balance between your professional and personal life is readjusting your schedule. If not, it may be time to reconsider your current position.

Deal breaker: Believing you always have to put your job before anything else.

Prepare: If you really can’t find time to unwind after hours, then consider moving to a new position, one where you have a shorter commute, or more flexible hours. Browse thousands of new opportunities on Careers24 and find your ideal match.