No one tells you these things (but you ought to know them)

You’ll always learn the most from an organisation that is fast succeeding or failing (

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Unfortunately, when you walk across that stage to collect your degree, no one’s on the other side handing you a guidebook for navigating your career. However, in the competitive world of work, these are the few things you ought to know if you're keen on making a success of your career.

It’s the little things that get you noticed. 

If you’d like to build a name for yourself and get recognised among your colleagues and manager, start by doing the little things and you’ll soon gain your manager’s trust. Being reliable could lead to receiving greater responsibilities and eventually help you to move up the corporate ladder. Small things like:

- always being on time or arriving earlier

- reviewing your work one last time before sending it on to your manager just in case you’ve made a silly typo or small mistake that your manager would otherwise pick up

- giving your work structure so that it’s easier to read,

- (happily) volunteering to do the tasks that no one else wants to do,

- not complaining,

- and being positive about work.

These are all little things that could make you more efficient and put you a step above the rest.  

Become part of a growing enterprise.

The best way to grow your career is to be part of a company that is on its way up. Of course talent and hard work counts in your favour, but all the talent and hard work won’t do your career any favours if the company is sinking or if it’s just isn’t going anywhere.

The fastest way to accelerate your career by far is to align yourself with a company that is undoubtedly soaring to new heights.

Find opportunities where you’re bound to either succeed or fail; no maybes.

Learning is of the utmost importance. You’ll always learn the most from an organisation that is fast succeeding or failing. If it’s succeeding you’ll grow at the speed of light and learn things you wouldn't necessarily learn in a company that is doing okay. Also, when you’re on the verge of sinking you’ll learn to swim and try to find ways to stay afloat.

Embracing the chance to learn professional and personal lessons will only accelerate your growth potential.

There’s no one simple way to get where you want to be.

Forget what you’ve read or what they’ve taught you about a career path. No one career will follow the same path and there will be many ways to earn your place at the top. It’ll never be a straight path, it may be a bit messy, but if you keep your eye on the prize, you’ll get there.

You may have supporters and detractors.

When you start, you might have the gut feeling that some of your colleagues are rooting for you while others are hoping you fail.

This is normal.

Very few people have an unbiased view of you – know this from day one, it’s just the way it is.

Be great at what you do because that will be your label.

You are going to earn a reputation whether you want to or not. Your job title serves as your label. When people think of you, they’ll refer to you as the numbers guy or the IT person – own this label and make sure you’re great at doing your job.

Help people.

Share your knowledge with your network and they’ll do the same in return. Also, help them where you can and you’ll see that they’ll naturally want to do the same for you. Your network is one of your keys to a successful career path.

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