4 questions every professional needs to have the answers to

Can you recall when last you felt a sense of gratitude for the work you do? (Stocksnap.io)

If you're feeling less than enthusiastic about your career these days, a bit of introspection can reveal more than you may have expected.

From the outside everything looks great – you’re getting your work done on time and meeting your targets. But in the inside, you know that deep down you’re not making most of your potential or you’re not having fun. As a matter of fact, what seems like superhuman to your colleagues is cruise control to you.

And maybe you’re okay with where you are. But you know, if you have big career goals you’d like to achieve, you’re going to have to check-in with yourself and evaluate your career.

Is your current job pushing you in the right direction? If you’re uncertain on how to tell the difference, perhaps you need to ask yourself these following questions:

Can you identify your talent or purpose, and are you using it in your job?

Can you recall when last you felt a sense of gratitude for the work you do? Or a time when you felt like there was nothing else on this earth you’d rather be doing? If you’re battling to answer any of these questions, researchers say the most likely cause of this is a lack of connection to your purpose.

When someone is driven by their purpose, nothing can deter them from what they believe in. For instance, take these famous people who failed miserably before they made a name for themselves.  When you have a clear idea about your purpose, you’re provided with boundless amounts of joy and can create amazing results and an impact at your job.

Is your career path clearly planned?

Of course on your way to career success, there will be many things that will stand in the way of achieving the life and career you want for yourself; horrible bosses, annoying colleagues, challenging clients, etc. However, what if they aren’t the cause of your career stall? What if the biggest thing standing between you and your career is yourself?

If you feel that your own actions are stunting your career, there’s never a better time than the present to do something about it. When you can identify that you’re probably your own worst enemy, you should set some time aside to figure out your vision and ultimate career goal. These thoughts will help you to access your situation more easily.

Does your job challenge you?

So there are times when you’re given a new challenge at work but feel like, “Bleh, I’m not up to the challenge” – and that’s totally fine if it’s a once-in-a-very-long-while occurrence. However, if you feel this way more than 60% of the time, perhaps it’s time you did some introspection.  

If you need to look deep within yourself, the next question to ask yourself is why you aren’t up to any challenges at work? Are you distracted by your personal life? Are you no longer motivated by what you do? Do you need a new job?

Only when you have the answers to these questions, will you be able to decide whether you should stick out your job or consider a career change.

Is your office environment motivating, supportive and energising?

A few people get a rush from thinking about what they need to do at work the next day. But if you find that the only interesting thing about your job nowadays is fiddling with the printer that keeps jamming, it’s a red flag that you’re no longer engaged in your work as you once were.

A corporate culture that fits well with you plays an important role in your job satisfaction which allows you to perform at your best.

If your answers to each of these questions were positive, then kudos to you! You’re working in a role and company well-suited to your career growth. On the other hand, if your responses were negative or you were hesitant, perhaps it really is time you went back you considered new job opportunities.