Meet a local talent scout

Meet our latest Career Pride feature Mello Melato, a local Kids and Talent Booker.

Meet our latest Career Pride feature Mello Melato, a local Kids and Talent Booker.

Mello’s career started in 2013, with an internship in her last few months of Film and Technology studies at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She worked in Woodstock as a personal assistant at a boutique artist management agency. After a mere six months of working there as an admin assistant, the Managing Director of the agency offered Mello a role as an assistant booker. A year later, she was offered a job by Candice Hatting at “My friend Ned”. Mello has been in this role since April 2015.

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This Kids and Talent Booker says one of the aspects of her role which she enjoys most, is the fact that she meets unusually beautiful people from all walks of life. “I love people, I love talking and I love feeding off people’s energy,” Mello says.

She advises aspiring talent bookers that there is no school which teaches you how to become a booker, and that this is a trade where most is learnt whilst being in the hot seat. Mello also emphasizes the importance of following rules which protect the artists. “It is either you have it or you don’t. The most part of it is trusting your gut and there are also rules and guidelines set to protect the agency and artist.”

In conclusion, Mello says being a talent booker is a very fast paced industry where you need to learn how to juggle tasks while still delivering the best service to the artists and clients.

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