You won't believe how much easier it is to find a job using your phone


If you’re on the lookout for a new job, your smartphone could increase your chances of finding one.

Your smartphone is there to help you simplify your life. Here are five reasons why your phone could help you find a job faster.

Access to the latest job openings
Having the internet on your phone will allow you to search for jobs anywhere, anytime and subscribe to helpful job search apps. Having jobs at your fingertips allows you to search, find and apply for jobs faster than someone with no smartphone.  

Ease of application
If you’re uncertain or not confident about creating a CV, job search apps like the Careers24 app, allows you to create the perfect CV in just a few easy steps.

Convenient research tool
 A smartphone with internet allows you to research wherever you are. Find important information about the company you’re applying to, the top questions that are asked at interviews, what you should and shouldn’t wear etc. and so much more – all at your convenience.

Faster callbacks/emails
 If a potential employer gives you a call back on your cellphone, they can instantly get hold of you. Keeping in constant communication is something potential employers notice and appreciate in a candidate. It says that you do not waste time and you really do want the job.

Having a mobile device makes exchanging contact information easier. You can just pull out your phone and type it in or have the person call you and save the contact. You can also add little notes about the person to remember. This comes in handy for remembering small details during a second interview.

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