Free Internet for Careers24 jobseekers

There is hope for job seekers who can't afford to spend their last byte of data on browsing for online job vacancies.

It is no secret that mobile phones are changing the world. Initially, mobile phones were used to call from anywhere, send SMSes and soon, we were able to play Snake on a Nokia 3310.

Now smartphones allow us to do so much more.

Ever since we could access the World Wide Web, we’ve been introduced to a whole new world of information, services and applications. As a job seeker, you'll know how this single technological development has allowed jobseekers to find new opportunities quickly and easily, which renders the former need to drop off or snail mail your CV to head offices unnecessary. CVs, cover letters and all qualifications and identity documents are mailed off at a click of a button.

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Sadly, though, many South Africans cannot afford to access these key internet services, and reap the advantages of having an internet connection. Often, the devices on the market are priced out of affordability, not to mention the high cost or complete lack of access to power sources – making it impossible recharge the battery - and service plans that are often just too expensive.

And then there are parts of the country that don’t even have a signal connected to a mobile network.

While we can't help with all these issues, we can tell you how to get access to free internet.

Wait, what? 

Yes, free internet. 

Free Basics by Facebook provides free basic internet services to those for whom internet access may be less affordable. Access is limited to selected topics, all useful, and allows people to browse health, literacy, and parenting information, employment and local information websites without data charges. 

In an effort to grant access to increase the reach of internet access in South Africa Free Basics has partnered with Cell C for now, but the service may soon roll out to other service providers. Here's how it works: 

free basics cell c

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“By providing people with access to free basic services through, our goal was to bring more people online and help them discover the value of the internet - and it's working,” says Chris Daniels, VP of He adds that the ultimate goal is to help make an impact on people’s lives, and stats show that this is working as people have accessed the available health services more than a million times.

Download’s Free Basics app on Android to access Careers24 and find your perfect job without using a single megabyte.