What you ought to know about getting a promotion

To ensure that your manager is aware of the quality of your work, send regular updates (Stocksnap.io)

Sometimes a promotion comes to those who seek it, so make sure that you do the following before you have the talk with your boss.

So you’ve worked for your company for a pretty decent number of years already, and you've gone to lengths to prove you're a hard worker. And without bluffing you really have played a significant role in getting your department and company to a new level, so surely you qualify for a promotion… right?

Of course! It’s time to approach your manager to convince her you’ve earned a promotion. So to prepare for the talk, take a look at these four basic areas you should cover beforehand:

Dress like you mean it

How you present yourself and what you wear says a lot about your attitude. The discussion you plan on having will undoubtedly be a serious one, which is why you need to look the part. And let’s face it – when you dress well you feel more confident. The right outfit will certainly give you the boost you need to rock the talk and leave a lasting impression.

Keep your manager informed

Looking professional is only the first step. You still need to prove your worth to your manager. To ensure that your manager is aware of the quality of your work, send regular updates. Self-promotion is great, especially to show your manager that you’re reliable and get the results – consistently!

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Build a network of contacts

Don’t try to isolate yourself from everyone else – network with professionals who you think could provide support to you in your career. You’ll also learn more when you chat to people in different departments and roles in terms of processes and work flow. Don’t make the mistake of locking yourself up in your cubicle – the more you know, the more you can contribute.

Prove what you’re worth

On the day of the talk, take along detailed information about what you’ve achieved in the past. Highlight how your contribution, creativity, initiative and excellence have aided the company or your department’s success. Use examples of past experiences that make you perfect for that promotion for the new position.

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