5 times human resources won’t have your back

Do you really know and understand what your office's Human Resource Department is for? You'd be surprised what the can and can't help with...

No matter the kind of relationship you have with your human resources department, there are a few things they’ll never do. So next time you want to complain to your HR rep remember these 5 times HR won't have your back:

HR is obliged to inform management about anything damaging to the company or a criminal offence.

When speaking to an HR staff member don’t assume that what you talk to them about is strictly confidential. That’s not to say you can’t talk to HR about what’s bothering you; just make sure that what you’re telling them is not harmful to the company because at the end of the day, their loyalty lies with the company.

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HR can’t tell you everything because they’re simply not allowed to.

As an employee, there will always be something that HR won’t or can’t tell you. It’s part of their job, so don’t push because chances are, you won’t get anything out of them. Although, if HR is never helpful, you should consider talking to someone else.

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HR is employed by the company and is obligated to serve them.

Business comes first with HR. This often means that what’s best for the employer will take priority. Consider your problem and how much it affects your working environment, your colleagues and yourself before approaching HR. For example, if you’re under very bad management, it is HR’s duty to try and solve the issue as staff retention is high on the company’s list, and therefore, high on their list too.

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HR does not run the company or organisation; they are there to provide support to the managerial staff.

So, to all the managers: if HR is making it difficult for you to do your work properly, in terms of hiring for example, you need to look higher up the corporate ladder and find out who can overrule their decision.

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Remember that every HR department is different, so when joining a new company don’t assume things will be the same. Talk to HR first to find the answers to your important questions. But keep in mind that they simply won't compromise their role.

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