How not to forget your New Year's resolutions

The new year is filled with endless possibilities.

New Year's Resolutions allow us to set personal and professional goals to keep us motivated through another 365 days. If you haven't picked one yet, you can take one of these...

New Year's Resolutions allow us to set personal and professional goals to keep us motivated through another 365 days. And sometimes we need a reminder of what they were to be reminded that we can still achieve them. Careers24 took a walk around the office and asked our fellow working professionals what their New Year’s Resolutions were.

Whether or not you share some of their goals, their aspirations are inspiring and in the past year, we gathered the perfect tools to equip them to make 2016 the year that New Year’s Resolutions were fulfilled.

…to escape that comfort zone

Belinda’s New Year’s Resolution is to get out of her comfort zone by doing a new project, maybe registering for a new course. Whatever she chooses to pursue, she will always keep pushing.

If she reads this, she won’t have to pay for any new courses she registers for: How to make your boss pay your tuition

Albert’s New Year’s Resolution is to learn as much as he possibly can and hopefully land a promotion. He is eager to get more responsibility as it’ll help him to grow. 

Here’s help for him: What to do before asking for a promotion

Kate’s New Year’s Resolution is to learn something new.

She should try any or all of these: How to stay up to date and keep learning everyday of your career

Farzaana wants to learn more about her industry. She wants to do more courses and expand her knowledge. She says 2016 will be the year of FUN.

Here’s a few courses she could consider: 52 Online Short Courses

Anonymous from the Marketing Department doesn’t really do “New Year’s Resolutions” but she has one word to describe what 2016 will be like: Growth

If you’re like her, this will help: Career Growth Advice

…to build self-confidence

Pierre wants to have more confidence in his abilities. He is going to start believing that what he’s doing is good. And secondly, listen to others as much as he can.

If you’re like him, take note of these top tips: Improve your confidence

… to do a little forward planning

Dave’s New Year’s Resolution involves making plans to think really very hard about the next three years of his career.

Well, these are the things he should use to help him through the decision making process: Revealed! Secrets of unbelievably successful people

…to keep it professional

Thishen cautions that a good New Year’s Resolution would be to always behave appropriately at industry events and office parties.

And we couldn’t agree more: Eats, drinks and bad behaviour: Surviving the office party

…to broaden my horizons

Abdul’s New Year’s Resolution is, in addition to his current role and responsibilities at his company, to help grow his family’s ostrich farming business.

He should read this to keep him motivated: Why stepping out of your comfort zone is important

…to enjoy stability

Buhle’s New Year’s Resolution is to keep her job.

After reading this, she’ll be able to see the sack coming a mile off – and fix it before d-day: Are you about to be fired?

…to master the art of time management

Herman has vowed that 2016 will be the year that he better manages his time during the day. To not waste time, and not work after hours.

Perhaps this will convince him to do just that: Why you need to leave work on time

Cindy’s New Year’s Resolution is to work more efficiently. She wants to use her time wisely.

Here are 13 hacks to do just that: 13 productivity hacks to get more done

…to not make a resolution

Aadiel is another one that hasn’t made any commitments because ‘resolutions don’t work’ but has confidently predicted that 2016 will no doubt be Challenging and Fulfilling.

Here’s how to keep that confidence going in 2016, Aadiel: How to promote yourself with confidence

Msikelele hasn’t thought about it. (Maybe he will, but he probably won’t.)

If it’s the same exact case for you, then we suggest you take a break and simply enjoy the holiday!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Linked in and we’ll add it to this list too. And if your Resolution list contains ‘have published work’ or ‘find 15 seconds of fame’ then this is the way to get it ticked off ;-)

Good luck to all!