Introducing Tamzyn Barker, Human Resources Administrator

Tamzyn, Human Resources Administrator

Tamzyn shares some of her Human Resources experience and advice for aspiring H.R practitioners.

Introducing Tamzyn Barker, Human Resources Administrator for digital powerhouse,

Recently we had a chat with Tamzyn about the H.R industry and what it entails. Tamzyn also shares some advice for aspiring H.R practitioners.

She tells Careers24 where her interest in the Human Resources industry originated from. “Like any normal student, I had so many exciting ideas and goals I wanted to achieve for myself, but I found myself unsure whether I wanted to be considered a serious person in the corporate world, or if I wanted to do something great for society.”

Tamzyn adds that she has always found joy working in a creative space, engaging with people, but still being able to apply business knowledge in some way. “This is how I ended up pursuing a career in Human Resources. I have a real passion for developing people and would like to become a specialist in a learning environment someday,” she says.

She completed her Human Resources Management Diploma for 3 years and then took a break to work for just over a year. “I then went back to do my Btech in Human Resource Development. I did my Btech part time for 2 years whilst working,” Tamzyn adds.

Tamzyn describes what she enjoys most about her career in H.R. “I find reward in building relationships with people, especially when I can help staff with issues that may require a different way of thinking. I too enjoy assisting in developing new strategies that could assist an entire department,” she says.

Tamzyn also shares some advice for aspiring Human Resources Practitioners. “You should understand that not everyone is the same person, and it may take months for a relationship to be built between HR and management, however it is important to never give up,” she says. Tamzyn adds that interest and time invested in a department shows that you care, and will inevitability create better output,” she adds.

Lastly, Tamzyn advises that patience is everything and it is important to have fun in your role. “Always remember to have fun, even after going through the worst of times. It’s what builds that dynamic personality you will need to fulfil this role,” Tamzyn concludes.