6 no-nonsense steps to beat the mid-year slump

Half of 2017 is gone and those New Years' Resolutions are long forgotten, along with your zest for life in the office. Here's how to get your oomph! back in 6 quick steps.

Can you believe it’s already July? Half of 2017 is gone, in the past, it already happened. The year is flying but don’t worry, you aren’t the only one stuck in the misery that is the mid-year slump. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the load shedding, but all of a sudden everything in the office seems dreary.

Before you get too deep into the pit of slump-ness, we can get you back on the horse and on the road to Awesomeville in 6 quick steps.

1.       Get a blank piece of paper

Revise your 2017 plans and goals (remember how you promised to stick to your New Year’s resolution?).

Are they still relevant and realistic? Do you still want them? Make those changes.

2.       Health

Reassess your physical health. Start cutting down your portion size, park a little further from work and walk to the office, choose the stairs instead of the lift, etc. Small shifts in your daily physical activity can honestly do wonders.

Is it perhaps time for fewer slap tjips and more greens?

3.       Money

Update your finances. What have you been wasting money on? Reassess your saving options and curb your spending habits.

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4.       Spring Winter Clean

De-clutter your desk, your cupboards, even your to-do list. Then go home and do the same there. Throw out all the old broken items you’ve unnecessarily attached sentimental value to, all the things you don’t wear anymore, and move your furniture around.

Start anew.

5.       Go out

Make some more time to relax. Go on a date night, book a chalet for the weekend, watch a movie with a high school friend. Enjoying yourself will make you feel fresh, will put things in perspective and sometimes even make you find solutions to work issues.

Or… If you’ve been going out too much, to the point where you’re falling behind at work, have no leave days left, and recollections of your weekend and time off is all a blur, then it’s time to rest and get your priorities in order.

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6.       Define Success

Remember that piece of paper? Write down this question: What does success mean to you? Now write down the answer. More important than answering the question, is mapping out your route towards the answer. Let this inspire you.

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