5 industries in which people quit their jobs the most

When was the last time  you threatened to leave your job? (Shutterstock.com)

While there are many reasons why people quit their jobs, there are certain industries prone to high employee turnover.

It’s pretty incredible to hear how often people threaten to leave their jobs. In some cases it’s simply because these people have reached a stagnant point in their careers and they’re ready for the next step. Others may never be motivated by what they do and are looking for a better fit. In other extreme cases, people quit their jobs because their jobs are an around the clock stress zone, and they never feel appreciated for the effort they put in.

But these explanations don’t account for the consistently high staff turnover in certain industries. We investigate these  sectors and discuss why employees in them quit their jobs so often.


Employees in the food services and travel industry work some of the longest hours and are paid as little as R14 per hour. The hospitality industry usually has younger employees, such as university students who hold part-time jobs to earn some cash while they pursue their studies. Therefore, after completing their studies they leave their part-time jobs to find employment which is in-line with their studies.


Professionals in the medical field, whether a nurse, doctor or surgeon, work in one of the most stressful industries, especially as they have people’s lives in their hands. In South Africa, medical professionals don’t only have to deal with a stressful work environment, but they also need to make do with a lack of equipment – a condition which only a few can put up with long term.

The rest usually look for employment opportunities in private healthcare facilities or abroad.

Real Estate

To have a job in sales, especially in selling property, is no walk in the park. To be successful at their jobs, real estate professionals need to have a thick skin and bucket loads of persistence. In an American study conducted to find out why most real estate agents quit, it was found that 44% of them give up trying to make a sale after the first failed attempt. A further 22%, 14% and 12% quit after the second, third and fourth attempts, respectively. That’s an alarming 92% of salespeople you bail out of a sale when their attempts are not successful.

Without the right set of negotiation skills, many sales professionals look for opportunities in different industries.

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A majority of employees in the warehousing and distribution industry are hired on a temporary basis. According to a study, these workers are not employed temporarily because warehouses need temp employees, but because in this way they can be offered less benefits. As such, skilled workers can move on to better opportunities.


Working for a non-profit organisation is great for your personal development, but not so great for your pocket. Unless, workers in this industry are in a senior or top management position, they are usually unpaid for all the hard work they put into their jobs, and so seek commercial job opportunities.

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