How to refine and improve candidate applications

Refine your target audience and create a job ad which encourages only the most relevant skilled job seekers to apply (Shutterstock)

Here’s how to refine your target audience and create a job ad which encourages only the most relevantly skilled job seekers to apply...

As a recruiter or talent acquisition manager hiring a new team member, you’ll know that spending hours sorting through unsuitable applications is an unfortunate side effect of publicly advertising for a new position.

Thanks to years of experience in the advertising business Careers24 knows which ads work best to attract only the most suitable candidates. Here’s how to refine your target audience and create a job ad which encourages only the most relevant skilled job seekers to apply:  

1.      Create an advert which includes a catchy but clear job title and job description. This is where you will attract a wide range of job seekers, so be sure to be unambiguous in the job title and description of the position so as to begin to narrow the field at this point already.

Do this: Experienced Senior Sales Manager

Not This: Wanted! Sales Manager! Apply Today!

2.      Mention all the most important details such as skills, candidate requirements, the location of the position and the salary range. This will discourage unsuitable candidates from applying, and save you time when reviewing applications.  

3.      List the performance criteria for the job, the qualifications and experience required and character traits you are seeking. Be extremely clear as to what is required.

Top Tip: This is the most important bit! Candidates will compare their skills, experience and qualifications here, and if they do not meet these requirements, they will move on to the next advert which may appear more suitable to their particular area of expertise.


   Do this:

To be considered, applicants must have the following qualifications and skills: Degree in Marketing and Sales, Diploma in Financial Management, 10 years experience at an international financial firm, 5 years experience managing a team of 4 sales people. 

  Not This:

Are you good with people? Can you balance the books? Have you worked with an international company? We need you! Apply today!

4.      Outline the company culture, truthfully. Top candidates are looking for a good company fit and if the culture described isn’t for them, they will move on to the next advert. This saves time in the interview process later too.  

5.      Add a strong call to action by compelling candidates to apply immediately. Careers24 makes it easy for suitable candidates to apply, improving your chances of receiving a variety of suitable applications.  

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to see a reduction in unsuitable candidates, saving you time to spend on growing a great candidate base instead. Do you have vacancies to fill? Post your job(s) now by following this link -

Top Tip:
Use the Careers24 Questionnaire to define important questions by which to filter candidates. We highly recommend the addition of questionnaire to every ad so that you receive applications only from qualified applicants.

- Elizabeth Mamacos