The top 5 most popular money articles in 2016

The most read money tips articles in 2016.

We've collated the most read articles from our money tips column.

To make sure you haven't missed our most essential and must-read tips about Money, here's a little recap of the most popular stories of 2016.

1. 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa

The career choice you make is influenced by a number of factors. But without a doubt, one of the most critical factors in determining career path is the amount of money you’ll make. We scoured the web to find out which careers will take home the big bucks. In descending order we also included the highest earning potential for each job, according to Payscale.

2. 10 high paying jobs in South Africa right now

Money talks, that’s nothing new. But if our stats are anything to go by we can safely say that money has a lot to say. So we’ve decided to investigate the jobs which currently offer the highest pay check. In ascending order we’ve included the highest paying jobs in 2016.

3. Jobs with the highest earning potential (right now)

You may not believe that money can buy you anything. But if research is anything to go by, you’ll soon learn that many people still consider salary and compensation as top of the list when they think about whether or not to accept a job. So we took to Glassdoor to find out which jobs currently offer the highest pay potential.

4. These are the best paid jobs in the finance industry

The financial sector offers some challenging but equally lucrative career prospects for finance professionals.  Whether you’re thinking of joining the finance department of a multi-corporation, you want to go back and work in the banking sector or enter the world of investment banking, each of these sectors offer financial professionals like yourself a chance to earn more money.

5. 4 perfect jobs for part-time students

Why get a part-time job? Besides the obvious (more cash in your pocket), a part-time job is another great way to boost your CV. It adds value to your CV by showing your willingness and determination to work. So while focusing on our studies for that ultimate job, these are some of the jobs you can do.


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