These are the best paid jobs in the finance industry

The finance sector offers some of the highest salaries in South Africa (

We've rounded up some of the highest paying jobs in the South African finance sector.

The financial sector offers some challenging but equally lucrative career prospects for finance professionals.  Whether you’re thinking of joining the finance department of a multi-corporation, you want to go back and work in the banking sector or enter the world of investment banking, each of these sectors offer financial professionals like yourself a chance to earn more money.

But remember that high paying jobs often come with two challenging characteristics: greater responsibility and the consequences that come with the mistakes. For instance, consider the best paying jobs within the finance and insurance sectors - chief financial officers and financial managers both earn close to a million per year, but these positions call for greater people management, making decisions and project management skills.

We’ve rounded up the best paying jobs in the finance sector and the annual earnings of each of these jobs.

1. Chief Financial Officers

Highest earning potential: R1 549 470

Bonus: R486 916

Total earnings per year: R1 830 754

2. Actuaries

Salary: R1 065 958

Bonus: R288 474

Total earnings per year: R1 354 432

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3. Fund Accounting Manager

Highest earning potential: R901 709

Bonus: R49 132

Total earnings per year: R950 841

4. Finance Manager

Highest earning potential: R795 088

Bonus: R144 295

Total earnings per year: R939 383

5. Financial Analysts

Highest earning potential: R635 143

Bonus: R101 367

Total earnings per year: R736 510

6. Economists

Highest earning potential: R515 692

Bonus: R81 869

Total earnings per year: R597 561

7. Business Analyst

Highest earning potential: R508 057

Median salary: R68 658

Total earnings per year: R576 715

Of course the take home for each of these positions depends on the cost of living in the province you work in. Overall, you’re more likely to make more money in Johannesburg than in Cape Town, where the salaries are generally highest.

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