3 top industries you'll find people who love their salaries

Quest's salary survey outlines the best and worst paying jobs (Shutterstock.com)

Looking for a job that will fit the bill? Consider these positions...

If your love for money surpasses every other career motivator, then you’re probably looking for a job that earns you the biggest bucks.  While a number of factors will determine how much money you’ll make, it’s true that some jobs will earn you more money than others.

So what jobs are these?

Staffing solutions firm Quest conducted a salary survey of the best and worst jobs of white collar businesses in South Africa. They looked at a number of salaries from jobs and department roles across businesses on a national, provincial and sectoral level. 418 respondents in professional, managerial and administrative work took part in the study. The salaries were divided by experience; between 0-5 years’ experience and more than 5 years’ experience. They were then listed by median, minimum and maximum salaries.

Unsurprisingly, coming in tops were chartered accountants who tip the salary scale by up to R97 000 p/m for those with over 5 years’ experience, and R17 000 p/m for those with under 5 years’ experience.  

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Maximum and minimum income by industry


If you’re a numbers guru with a career in finance, you’re already half way to making a pretty penny. Accounts and debtor clerks with less than years’ experience are the lowest earners with a minimum salary of R5 000 p/m. Add in a few more years of experience, and perhaps a specialised degree and you too could take away as much as finance managers do. With over five years’ experience, finance managers can make a maximum of R77 500 p/m.

Marketing and Sales

The ability of key account managers to head a number of key accounts while maximizing sales opportunities enables these professionals to pocket a maximum of R77 500 p/m. At the lower end of the marketing and sales spectrum are CSR/enquiries clerk, marketing support staff and telesales representatives, making a minimum salary of R3 000 p/m.

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IT and Support

Grabbing the top spot in IT and Support is an infrastructure manager who, with over 5 years’ experience, makes a maximum salary of R77 500 p/m, while data capturers, database administrators, IT support and network administrators each make R5 000 p/m, if they have under 5 years of experience. The tech industry is growing exponentially.  With the right skills and enough experience, you can work your way up the tech ladder at a good speed. Check out the tech jobs in high demand right now.

If none of the above industries make you jump onto our job board and begin your job search, perhaps a career as a brand manager, procurement manager, a business analyst or an office manager will. When you have over five years’ experience, these positions can earn you R62 500 p/m, R57 500 p/m, R57 500 p/m and R42 500 p/m, respectively.

Tim Barry, co-founder of #JobAdviceSA, warns South African job seekers who choose their career solely on salary potential: "If your career choice is based on how much you will earn you will be satisfied so long as you are willing to sacrifice work/life balance, and usually what you are passionate about doing, for the pursuit of financial gain. On the flip side, if you choose to do what you are passionate about you probably will not earn as much as those who base their choice on salary, but what you lack in monetary gain will be more than made up for in personal satisfaction and contentment."

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