10 high paying jobs in South Africa right now

The highest paying jobs in South Africa in 2016 (Shutterstock.com)

Our stats suggest that finding challenging and meaningful job, is only half the battle won. Many people want to a job which offers a great pay too.

Money talks, that’s nothing new. But if our stats are anything to go by we can safely say that money has a lot to say. Last year we scoured the web to round up the highest paying jobs in South Africa, and it would seem that as much as it’s important to find a meaningful job, many people want a job that pays well too.

But that’s last year’s news, right? So we’ve decided to investigate the jobs which currently offer the highest paycheck. In ascending order we’ve included the highest paying jobs in 2016.

10. Air traffic controllers

While air traffic controllers are well paid, their jobs come with a great deal of stress too. They have the awesome responsibility of juggling plane plan landings, taxing and taking off, as well as ensuring the safety of passengers.

Highest earning potential: R512 889 per annum

9. Software engineers

Software engineers are becoming more in demand, and the awesome news is making a career change to software development is easier than most people realise. The specialist skills needed in this field can be acquired through short online courses like Udemy or even through on-the-job training.

Highest earning potential: R561 855 per annum

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8. Lawyers

Lawyers have the luxury of choosing among various career paths and specialisations, whether they choose to work for a private entity or to hold a public position. While salaries depend on speciality, lawyers earn the highest amount of money in Johannesburg, where salaries are approximately 23% above the national average.

Highest earning potential: R568 797 per annum

7. Petroleum engineers

Petroleum refinement companies such as Sasol Mining, Engen Refinery, and PetroSA are always on the lookout for experts in petroleum engineering to design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from the earth’s surface and to also find new ways of extracting petroleum.

Highest earning potential: R572 600 per annum

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6. IT Manager

IT managers are responsible for overlooking software and hardware upgrades and coordinating technology issues with top management. The best about a career as an IT manager is that because technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of business operations, IT managers have become essential across all sectors.

Highest earning potential: R789 152 per annum

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5. Chartered accountant

Accounting skills that earn more money include budget management, evaluation and management auditing and financial analysis.

Highest earning potential: R868 357 per annum

4. Pilot

It’s generally very difficult to crack into the aviation industry. Beyond the number of flying hours required to become a commercial pilot, experience and credentials determine the amount of money many pilots take home. Many airlines have a high turnover rate, and so demand for pilots is great.

Highest earning potential: R948 000 per annum

3. Management consultant

Skills such as business strategy, business analysis, and project management are essential for professionals responsible for evaluating and providing expertise for improving organisational performance and implementing best practice.

Highest earning potential: R982 965 per annum

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2. Medical specialist

Unsurprisingly, specialist medical professionals, such as anasthesiologists, surgeons and obstetricians are among the highest paid professions in the country. Depending on the field of specialisation, medical practitioners can earn salaries with 7-figures.

Highest earning potential: R1 000 000 per annum

1. Actuary

Actuaries have the tough job of predicting the impact which various events will have on a business. From economy declines to natural disasters, actuaries must have a strong background in asset management, liability management, and analytical skills to ensure they make the right predictions.

Highest earning potential: R1 313 637 per annum

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Earning more money does not have to be the stuff of dreams. With a little bit of research, networking and upskilling, you can apply for a new job and add more money to your bank balance.