Why you should attend Management events


Have you been attending industry events this year? You really should!

Have you been attending industry events this year? No?!

Here’s why you should!

Free food, complimentary drinks, enticing goodie bags and the chance to take no-questions-asked time off work are all great benefits of attending exhibitions, trade fairs, talks, shows and events. Aside from these perks, there are some real career enhancing reasons to attend industry events.

Industry specific events allow you to network, which in turn can lead to exciting new opportunities. You could find a great mentor, or hear insider tips on new innovations and even get the inside track to a new job.  And hanging out with people with similar interests will inspire you and can lead to new friendships.

What about brushing up on your skills? Attending events can expose you to new schools of thought, keep you in the know about the latest developments in your industry and even teach you a few things which you can add to your CV or use in your current role.

If you’re lucky, you can even meet face to face with the leaders in your field. Imagine being able to pick the brains of your heroes? Well, you can’t do that from your couch. Hearing true stories from major players in your field, listening to their advice-packed talks and perhaps even getting a glimpse into how your competitors operate are all great reasons to save the date on upcoming events.  

Convinced? Yay!

Now, how do you find out about the best events to attend?

As a leader within your organisation, you need to get in touch with those at the forefront of their teams in their companies. Follow them on Twitter, add them on Facebook, subscribe to every relevant newsletter and browse leading websites for news and updates. Join sites like meetup.com, whatson.co.za and even quicket.co.za to hear about upcoming events in South Africa.

Events happening soon in the local management industry include:

Maybe we’ll meet you there…