The real reasons why millennials are leaving your company

Millennials are leaving your company for a reason. (Shutterstock)

Millennials have a real bad reputation for quitting their jobs too easily and job hopping too often. But is this really because of a difference in attitudes or is there something more to it?

Millennials have a real bad reputation for quitting their jobs too easily and job hopping too often. But is this really because of a difference in attitudes or is there something more to it?

We have done some research, and here are the real reasons why Millennials are leaving their jobs.

They feel their job lacks purpose

Millennials are looking for a sense of purpose in what they do. Firstly then need to feel that the tasks they are doing are making a difference. They do understand very well that they’ll have to start at the bottom of the ladder, especially if they realise the importance of their role, they will have no problem doing so.

Secondly, they expect more than just a pay check from their employer. Having a heart and soul as a business and trying to improve society as part of the company mission is what Millennials are looking for. They want a job that corresponds with their values and might quit if the company doesn’t live up to their ideals.

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They don’t feel valued

If you want Millennials to engage and connect with the company, they need to feel like they are valued, which will improve their dedication and determination. They need to feel appreciated for their efforts to make the company better and feel like they are an important part of the team. They need to be listened to when they have a concern and be given feedback regularly so they are able to grow in their job.

They don’t feel adequately compensated

As said before, money alone isn’t enough for a Millennial, but not having an adequate salary will also make them quit their job. They feel it’s only fair to be compensated for their accomplishments and the hard work they put in. If the salary structures in your company are still based on age and less on performance, you may start losing the Millennials who work for you very soon.

They require a good work-life balance

Millennial workers want to have a life outside their job. They don’t want to miss out on their friends’ birthday parties or baby showers because they have to work. They want the flexibility to not have to arrive and leave at fixed hours, requiring you to entrust them to do a good job in the hours they are at work. Again, achievements and reaching goals are more important to them than the exact hours spent at the office during the day. Productivity should be measured by the output of work, not the hours worked at their desk.

On the other hand, Millennials are often reluctant to take some personal time if they don’t see their managers doing it, or if they don’t feel it’s accepted. So make sure they know that a good work-life balance is part of the fabric of the organization.

They don’t get opportunities to grow

Lastly, Millennials hate being stuck. They need to see that there are opportunities to advance within the company. They are eager to climb the corporate ladder. Whether it is through promotions, or opportunities to follow extra training sessions, mentorship programs or the possibility to gain experience in other departments, Millennials will appreciate these opportunities to grow and it will make them stay at your company.

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Retaining Millennials does take some investing, but it’s most certainly worthwhile. These employees are the ones that will help your business grow. If you invest in their needs, they will offer their loyalty and happily invest their time and effort in your company.