In 2018 YOU choose where to work

You should be able to pick and choose from the top companies in South Africa because you're an excellent employee. Here's how you choose the best for you.

How important is company culture? The short answer is VERY.

You’ve worked hard to advance your career, you’re at the top of your game and any company would be happy to hire you. As a talented individual, you’ll be able to pick and choose from the top companies in South Africa.

Above and beyond salary and benefits, successful professionals such as yourself are looking for a healthy work-life balance, and company culture plays a massive role in job satisfaction.

A company’s reputation as an employer of choice could make all the difference in your decision and you’ll surely be inundated with stories and rumours about the bigger corporates out there. Some have great reputations while others may have a bad rep. So how can you decide for yourself?

Aside from browsing online company profiles, visiting the offices, checking out the space and observing teams in action, we suggest 5 of the most important questions you can ask a prospective employer.

1.       What are some of the ways this company celebrates success?

2.       How are teams motivated and supported here?

3.       When and how is feedback given and received?

4.       What makes YOU proud to work at this company?

5.       How does the company support professional development and career growth?

The answers will vary, but you’ll be able to form a picture for yourself and decide which particular blend of answers adds up to a company you will most enjoy working at.

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