5 jobs that enable you to work in any industry at any company

Choose one of these jobs and work anywhere. (Shutterstock)

No matter the product or service offered by the company, certain departments need to be created and filled to ensure the smooth running of the company.

There are a few job roles all companies need to fill to ensure the smooth running of their operations. There are positions that no company can exist without. Stuff needs to be done, processes need to be followed, and to stay ahead of the curve, new ideas and developments need to be implemented. 

So choose a career in one of these industries and you'll be able to work for any company in any industry anywhere in the world:

Administrative Department

The receptionist, office manager, PA, and all clerks are responsible for the smooth running and communication of internal office matters. Defined as the right hand of all managers, every company in the world needs someone to take care of the constant flow of emails, arranging meetings and navigate their lists priorities. Bigger offices require admin staff to manage office supplies, receiving clients, and even maintaining a comprehensive filing system.

No matter which industry, every company needs someone or some people to help run the non-product related aspects of the company.

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Human Resources Department

Every company needs employees. Organisations need to hire and retain employees, handle employee performance and training, and every other labour related matter. 

Whether you’re a massive corporate selling goods, or an SME offering client services, you’ll need to manage your employees in some way shape or form, ensuring the psychological, physical, and even legal health are up to par.

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Finance Department

Obviously, all companies have financial undertakings. Whether you’re a massive corporate selling goods, or an SME offering client services, you’ll be spending money (through wages, salaries, rent, office supplies, trading stock, etc.) and receiving money (how else will you break even or make a profit?)

But someone or some people have to be hired to fulfil the role of finance administrator. From bookkeepers and finance clerks to accountants and CFOs, there’s a need for someone to take care of all the company's the money matters.

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Sales and Marketing Department

All companies have a product or service that they're selling. In order to create an awareness about the company and its offerings, every company will need employ someone to perform the task of making their product appealing (marketing) and convincing people to offer their cash for the product (selling). These departments work closely together to ensure that a consistent brand message is communicated.

From call centre agents and sales reps, to offline and online marketing efforts, every successful company will eventually have to employ a sales and marketing team.

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Tech Department

Most (if not every) employee works with a computer. And when the computer becomes faulty, the IT department will send someone to fix your problem. IT Support Technicians are needed to assist employees with their technological issues.

The of course, having a trendy website and a cool new app is what every aspirational company needs. And for that, you need a different kind of tech guy (or girl!). Developers are hired by all companies in every imaginable industry and it's one of the most in-demand skills.

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