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Develop your career at 24.com, Africa's leading online network

The online tech company is always looking for creatives and innovators.

If a career in tech is on your mind and you've set your eyes on 24.com, we’ve got some insider info to help you apply. We spoke to HR Manager, Jeannine Scheltens who told us what you need to know to get your foot in the door.

What qualities must I have?

In any office setting, it’s important to know whether the company culture is well-suited with the kind of person that you are. In the fast-paced industry that 24.com operates in it’ll be important for you to be adaptable, flexible, creative, innovative and be someone who can take initiative.

What types of jobs are available for recent graduates or candidates new to the industry?

There are entry level roles in editorial or development, as well as service roles in HR, Finance and Marketing.

What should I know before the interview?

24.com has numerous entities that operate under its banner – entities that you will at least have to have some idea of. It’ll be essential that you do the research and gather as much information about the online network as you can. “Know what’s available on the website,” says Jeannine.

What kind of experience should I have?

The kind of experience you’ll need will ultimately depend on the position you’re interviewing for and the criteria laid out in the advertisement.

However the network is always on the lookout for writers, designers and developers. As part of editorial you’ll have to be able to conceptualise, create, write and load content on various digital platforms. If you’d like to follow a career path in web development you’ll have to know how to work the various technologies involved in web development, as well as how to code.

What kind of perks can I expect?

24.com is big in ensuring that the work environment is pleasurable for each of its employees. Competitive salaries, great retirement and health benefits, flexi hours and a non-hierarchical management style, are just some of the perks that allow 24.com employees to focus on the job at hand.

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Does the type of qualification I have matter?

Even though 24.com looks for signs that the work you’ve done is relevant to the role you’re applying for, don’t be discouraged if the qualification you have doesn’t seem to be directly connected. They are looking for smart, talented and dedicated individuals who believe they’ll be successful in the company.

What’s the best way to present some of my work?

24.com is a digital publishing house. As such, it’ll be in your best interests to present an online portfolio. “A professional presentation, preferably presented on a candidate’s own laptop is what we’re looking for,” Jeannine says.

What is the interview dress code?

Although 24.com has a casual and relaxed environment, dress code certainly matters. “Corporate clothing is not a requirement, but at least be neat and presentable.”

Where can I find available vacancies?

“We advertise our positions on Media24’s website, News24’s website, Careers24 and Bizcommunity, as well as use certain agencies from time to time."

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