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Job Title - Foundation Phase School Teacher


A Foundation Phase School Teacher has the exciting and rewarding task of teaching children the foundations of reading, writing and literacy. They are also responsible for helping children to develop their thinking skills. Foundation Phase Teachers (FPT) do a lot of administrative work which includes preparing lessons, exams, writing reports, marking, etc.

Typical Job Activities

Prepares lessons
Researches new teaching methods and teaching aids
Develops students’ interests, abilities and co-ordination through activities
Discusses every child’s progress and problems with the parents/guardians, student counsellors and senior teachers
Guides and supervises the work in class
Maintains discipline and order in the classroom
Works with the parents/guardians
Maintains records
Takes part in staff meetings, educational conferences and other programmes
Prepares, conducts and marks tests and exams
Supervises student teachers

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Related Occupations

Primary School Housemaster
Primary Teacher-Librarian

Educational Requirements

There are 3 ways of becoming a Foundation Phase School Teacher:

1. A 3 year Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree in Early Childhood Development, Foundation Phase

2. A 2 year National Diploma in Education: Foundation Phase (NQF Level 6)

3. A Postgraduate Certificate: Education: Foundation Phase. This route is for those who have already completed a degree (NOT BEd) and want to become teachers.

Once you've graduated, you will be required to register with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) as an Educator.

Compulsory subjects:  None
Recommended subjects:  English and another official language

What natural skills and/or aptitudes do I need for this occupation?

Be interested in teaching
Have patience
Be a person who loves small children
Be understanding
Be nurturing
Be able to deal with stress
Be prepared to work long hours
Be calm under pressure
Be methodical
Be able to communicate well with young learners
Be able to communicate well with adults

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Employment Opportunities


Market Competitiveness


Income Potential


International Employment Market


Possible Employer

Government (national, provincial, local councils and government related organisations like universities, semi-government, etc.) – Government Schools
Big private companies - Private Schools
Medium or small companies
your own small business: Entrepreneurial opportunities in this field - Home Schooling system
Self-employed: Contractor, consultant, own practice, freelance

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Relevant Contact Details

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

University of South Africa

Career Progress and Path

Further studies in the specific career field
Further studies in related fields
Experience in specific field
Work performance

Possible Career Paths

Specialist career in the specific field
Own business
At schools: Grade head, Head of department, Vice principle, Principle
In government: Subject advisor, Matric exam marker

Employment Stability

Very stable

Reasons to consider this career

A job in government
A job in private companies
To start my own business
A stable job
To be of service to people
To work with languages
To work with people
To work internationally
To focus on a specific field
To apply my special skills
To work fixed hours