How to ace culinary school

At culinary school you will learn all you need to know about cooking and managing a kitchen. Make the most of it with these tips.

If you want to become a chef in South Africa you need to either attend a culinary school or be accepted into an apprenticeship. Culinary schools are the most popular way for students to get the training they need in South Africa. At school you will learn all you need to know about cooking and managing a kitchen. Students need to work hard to get ahead in this competitive environment, so here are some of our pro tips to help you ace culinary school.

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Come to class!

Show up, listen, ask questions, learn and take every advantage of your teachers’ expertise and knowledge. A year or two of studies isn’t as long as it seems once you step out into the real world.

Learn to work in a team

This industry is a diverse one! You will need to be able to work with people from all backgrounds and cultures… often leading to a clash of personalities. Add the pressure of a fast paced kitchen and sparks are sure to fly. If you can work as a member of a coherent team then your job will be a whole lot easier.

Update your resume

Take advantage of every opportunity to build your CV. Ideas for this include entering culinary competitions, take advantage of workshops, volunteering at events and even just browsing markets and visiting new restaurants to snoop on new ingredients and pick up ideas. 

Get a job

Working in the hospitality industry while you are in school is a great way to expand your knowledge base, whether you’re working in a kitchen or as a waiter. You’ll also have your foot in the door when you graduate and valuable experience on your CV. Start applying for hotel and restaurant management jobs today.

Cook outside of your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to try new things. The successes are sure to eventually outweigh the flops and the knowledge you gain from both will only help you in your career, and in the classroom. Don't be afraid to pursue all the hotel and restaurant management job opportunities you can find.

Most importantly, you will get out what you put in, so work hard and you will be rewarded.

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